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Who am I

Irene Durban born in the 1982 in the same time he resides in Cuneo. He attended the Bertoni Art school in Saluzzo where he developed his artistic skills, while in the following years he also approached the wooden restoration, statuary and gilding working at the Bottega Abiola in Cuneo; Always in search of his artistic training he worked in the laboratory ``the jellyfish`` in Saluzzo, where they create luminous sculptures in recycled glass.


In 2013 his works were requested by PUBLISPEI S.R.L. of Rome, to embellish the scenes of the television series ``A Doctor IN the family 8`` transmitted IN primetime on RAI 1. Its abstract and modern paintings, particularly suitable for a dynamic and innovative furnishing, allow to reveal its sensibility and positive energy. The gestures of its brushstrokes are safe and at the same time elegant.


It adopts different techniques for the realization of its works using acrylic colors and resins, continually experimenting new materials. Particularly suggestive are his works in relief in which the art of painting is transformed into sculpture giving life to new forms and emotions. Specializing in the study of settings, combinations and colors, has the ability to create custom paintings that besides being unique pieces acquire a particular emotional value.