Personal growth

Irene Durban since childhood has demonstrated his artistic and innovative skills while having fun creating and experimenting with numerous materials including fabrics, inspired by the mother and two sisters seamstresses, wood with the wooden restoration, statuary and gilding, drawing To the experience of the owner of a carpentry, to the glass collaborating with the company ``the jellyfish`` that allowed him to create real works of art with recycled glass. Dexterity and inventiveness have always been the gift of the numerous Durban family, Irene has five sisters. Become a mother, her desire to dedicate herself to the family and at the same time to realize herself at work gave space to her imagination, with the help of her husband created a site and working in the House could cultivate both his passions that have grown steadily Like her little girl Adele. They were challenging years, but full of satisfaction. He later had the need to open his own Atelier and despite the birth of his second son, Leonardo continued to work, thanks to his love for the family and his passion for art. In his study, surrounded by a permanent exposition of his works and wearing his colorful coat he was able to continue his artistic growth by experimenting with new materials such as PLEXIGALSS, stuccoes, resins, clay and much more, in a desire I continue to create new and always different works, but with the same energy and expressive force that characterize it, hoping to be able to transmit the joy of living and the feeling of freedom that feels when he realizes his works.


  • 2010
    He began to expose himself to the public as an artist, participating in the great Summer Fair of Cuneo and saw the great success he decided to persevere in his artistic career. It has embellished the residential entrance of the new "Palazzo Fiamma" of Cuneo with a large mural, making it unique in its kind. He has exhibited his works in some prestigious designer shops including "serene design" of Cuneo and "Tomatis furnishings" in Mondovì.
  • 2012
    He has collaborated with PUBLISPEI S.R.L. in Rome, setting up the sets of the television series "A Doctor IN the family 8" transmitted in 2013 in primetime on RAI 1. The "DUEDEA" used photos of his paintings for the creation of a calendar dedicated to contemporary art.
  • 2013
    He has collaborated with the study of architecture and design "GF Studio design" in Milan for the realization of their new catalogue. The newspaper "La STAMPA", The Weekly "The Guide", the Portal "IDEA NEWS" and the Portal "DRESS-ART" have dedicated an article about the paintings used in the television series "A Doctor in the family 8" broadcast in primetime on RAI 1. The "STUDIO" in Rome has asked to use its paintings in the settings/render/photo insertions They have made as project proposals and publications. He has embellished the windows of the jewellery Boite d'or of Cuneo customizing every season. The monthly magazine of Art and Culture "Liburnians" has dedicated the cover and some pages of the May issue.
  • 2014
    In May he inaugurated his Atelier in Cuneo in Via Carlo Balasubramaniam 35b, where he exhibited and made his works. From 6 to 18 September, he participated in the collective exhibition "Torino Dreams" at the famous Galleria 20 in Turin. In December, he made a personal exhibition in the central square of the town hall of Limone Piemonte.
  • 2015
    The International magazine "Fashion Vip" has published its works.
  • 2017
    His paintings have appeared in the transmission of the DOCU-reality "Change of house, change of Life!" presented by Interior Designer Andrea Carney broadcast on Real Time. It was published in the catalogue "NEW ARTIST" with photo on the cover. From 20 to 23 July, he realized the event "ARTE e GUSTO" on the theme water in collaboration with "RELAIS CUBA CHOCOLAT" of Cuneo. From 9 to 10 September, he participated in the collective exhibition "ARTE IN Piazza" held in the central Piazza Boves, in Cuneo.
  • 2018
    From January 29th to April 27th, he held a solo exhibition at the headquarters of the EMA (European Medicines Agency) in London's Canary Wharf area. From 7 to 19 April, he participated in Artexpo Spring Rome 2018, International art Exhibition, at the prestigious Galleria Domus in the historical centre of Rome. In April, the weekly magazine "La BISALTA" dedicated an article to her, about the personal exhibition in London at the EMA headquarters in Canary Wharf. On 10 and 13 June he participated in the exhibition "WORLD OF ART" in conjunction with the World Cup Russia 2018, with the contribution of VITTORIO SGARBI, in St. Petersburg-Moscow. From June 30 to August 31 participated in the exhibition of Cesenatico at the halls of the Hotel Miramare, New Bristol and Domus Mea, and on the occasion of the 11th biennial prize for the Visual Arts was awarded the trophy "Vela d'oro for art 2018". From August 8th to 13th he participated in the Venice exhibition at the Mozart Hall of the Hotel Amadeus with the 1st prize of the Grand Targa San Marco. From October 1 to 8 he participated in the international exhibition at the ARTHILL GALLERY in LONDON in collaboration with GALLERIA FARINI in Bologna. In November it was published in the November-December issue of the "ART NOW" Art magazine directed by Sandro Serradifalco. In November, they dedicated a virtual gallery of No. 30 to his works on the Artists in the World Events website. In December it was published in the annual book "ART IN FASHION: A LONG PASSION" of the publishing house the SQUARE of Milan. From 16 December 2018 to 10 January 2019 participated in the exhibition at the historic Milan Art Gallery in the heart of Milan on the occasion of the art contest "The Lady of the Stars" dedicated to the memory of the famous astrophysicist Margherita Hack.
  • 2019
    From 2 to 12 February he participated in the XXIII International Exhibition of Contemporary Art "ARTE A PALAZZO" with guest of Honour Vittorio Sgarbi, at the Galleria Farini in the splendid noble residence of the Palazzo Fantuzzi ' 500 in Bologna. In February she was interviewed by journalist Roberta Bima, published on April 21 in the online newspaper "Cuneo24.it". From 8 to 16 June he participated in the "International Biennale Mantua Artexpo", at the diocesan Museum Francesco Gonzaga, with guests of honour Vittorio Sgarbi, Paolo Levi and Philippe Daverio.